Weaving Western Sakiori l by Amanda Robinette

Today is the day–Weaving Western Sakiori is now released and available for immediate purchase or delivery!  To celebrate, I am hosting a giveaway of a print copy of the book.  Just leave a comment (click on ‘Write a comment’ under the post title if comments aren’t visible) by 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, July 7, 2018 telling me either what you are interested in learning about sakiori or what kind of project you would like to make.  The winner will be randomly selected from all those leaving comments by the deadline.


  1. Francine Jacobson

    Wow! Thank you for introducing me to the concept of Western Sakiori that so informs directions in my weaving. My floor loom loves to weave rugs but my interests lie in much narrower weaving including combining bands into fabric for clothing and bags. I have mountains of fabric that call out for rag weaving yet every time I have considered acquiring a commercial rag cutter, I have been stopped in my tracks with indecision about the width of strips for non-rug rag weaving that I will now call Sakiori. I would like to use sentimental family clothing and linens to create memory cloth through which I can send the past into the future. Congratulations on the publication of your book.

  2. Another exciting new technique to try out. I need more hours.

  3. I would love to learn more about sakiori. I love Japanese weaving traditions.

  4. I’ve been wanting to try sakiori–this book looks like it will be the perfect companion!

  5. I teach non traditional uses of rag rug weaving and I would love to have this book and learn more about sakiori to use in my wall hangings.

  6. Looking forward to checking this out!

  7. I would love to recycle/upcycle rags into lovely functional objects….I think the humble beauty of sakiori is so inspiring, and put your book on my wish list as soon as I saw it. So glad to see this book!

  8. Sakiori weaving! The fun with weaving never stops. I started weaving about 8 months ago and I am now enjoying inkle weaving, card weaving, and have done numerous projects on my rigid heddle loom which I named Ollie! The creativity that one can use is endless. I enjoy trying new things and I saw that in your book you have some overshot patterns. Who knew? I would love to have a copy of your book to see different fabrics and ideas and how they are used.

  9. I have never heard of sakiori, but am intrigued by all things weaving related. I would love to learn more about it.

  10. I love to make useful AND beautiful things from recycled materials. I’d love to learn an old Japanese technique turned modern!

  11. I want to learn to make rag rugs in simple twill patterns such as rosepath. Congrats on your book/accomplishment!

  12. I’ve been collecting used textiles with the intent of weaving. But I’m stuck creatively. I’d love some new ideas, especially non rug ideas.

  13. As a life long recycler, I look forward to finding out about ways to reuse fabrics, to make beautiful things.

  14. I’ve been collecting used silk clothing just for this! Now to learn how.

  15. I’m new to weaving and I would like to learn of ways to use my fabric scraps from sewing in my weaving.

  16. I’m new to weaving and would to love to learn the basics about sakiori.

  17. I’d like to use the information in the book to recycle some old silk and other fine fabric into scarves and maybe some cute clutch bags.

  18. I would love to learn everything about Sakiori – types of warp, how to prepare silk weft and sett for different types of fabric.

  19. This is fascinating! And the book looks awesome. If I don’t win it I will probably have to buy it. Like I need another book!

  20. I have been saving up for years silk garments I find at thrift shops (some I have even worn for a period of time). I love all kinds of weaving and currently have 4 looms — a rigid heddle, an 8-shaft table loom, a 4-shaft floor loom and an 8-shaft floor loom — and am always looking for new things to try.

  21. Lynda Lavender

    What a lovely cover photo. This looks like a really fun type of weaving!

  22. I am new to weaving.
    Am learning everything I can and have read with interest
    This type of weaving.

  23. I just bought a Saori sakiori shuttle and would love to work my way through your book! Scarves and clothing made with either kimono silk or sari silk would be particularly tempting.

  24. Janet Gallant

    I am a “traditional” weaver and sewer. I admire the colors and free form of Saori weaving and would like to let go of my self restraints and give the Saori sewing a try.

    • Hi Janet, I have entered you in the contest, but want to make it very clear that this book is not about SAORI weaving, which is a trademarked line of products and instruction designed to promote and encourage free-style weaving, as you described. Sakiori, on the other hand, is merely the Japanese word for rag-weaving, and is used today to indicate rag-weaving in the Japanese style (both practically and philosophically). Western Sakiori is completely unaffiliated with SAORI.

  25. I would love to learn Sakiori!

  26. Since reading about sakiori in Vav Magasinet I have been intrigued. The book looks very interesting and I’d like to try a project!

  27. I would love to learn more about sakiori cloth.Another rabbit hole to go down.

  28. Jaya Srikrishnan

    Runners! I have saris and other lovely fabrics and I”d like to turn them into runners that can be used on tables. Maybe even placemats.

  29. For me Weaving is a grand experiment. I love to learn about different techniques. Classic styles, new approaches, infinitely interesting!

  30. I forgot to mention that I’d love to weave placemats, runners, lightweight rugs.
    I’d like to try using silk but my favorite is Bali Batik fabric strips, hardly ravels and it’s the same on both sides.

  31. I love weaving with rags. Your book is on my wishlist.
    Good luck to everyone!

  32. I also took Tom Kniseley’s class, and I loved being able to use rags to make clothing, not rugs. I’d love to learn more techniques for inspiration. Also, I’m a book-a-holic.

  33. What an interesting topic for a book. I am currently learning how to weave rag rugs and my main goal is to use up a large stash of fabrics. I live by the motto “reduce, recycle and re-use “. I bet you have tecniques to help me with that. All the best. Thank you for this chance to win your book. Jurate

  34. I am interested in Weaving Western Sakiori because it says weaving with rags! Upcycling is a passion of mine and I have a pile of saved clothing 3waiting for just the right project. 🙂

  35. I also took a workshop with Tom Kniseley, and I love the idea of using rags to make clothing as opposed to rugs. I’d love to lear some more inspiration, ideas and techniques. Also, I’m a book-a-holic.

  36. Martha Teitelbaum

    I’m very interested in Sakiori — took a class from Tom Knisely and it really peaked my interest and would like to learn more.
    Would be interested in hearing about Sakiori workshops.

  37. Mary Jean Martin

    I know nothing about sakitori but I am always interested in learning something new! It looks like a technique that would lend itself to clothing.

  38. Kathy Bloomberg-Rissman

    I love adding fabric to woven pieces and want to learn more

  39. I am intrigued by all the different ways to use fabric in weaving. I want to learn more about sakiori to learn how to weave lighter weight cloth with rags.

  40. I don’t know anything about sakiori, so I guess I’d want to learn the basics! It looks beautiful.

  41. Julie Anne Zdunich

    I took a sakiori workshop with Tom Kniseley and would love to see new ideas of what to do with rags since I love this type of weaving

  42. I have a silk dress that I hope to make into narrow strips for making scarves. The dress was a thrift-store find for my daughter, when she was in high school. I am in love with the fine Japanese textiles that use fine silk strips and fine yarns to make a scarf-weight textile, and really want to learn more about how to put these textiles together.

  43. Wow I’d love to learn projects beyond rugs for rags!

  44. As a self-employed felt maker this fascinating craft is totally new to me. However, I would love to make some wall mountable textiles.

  45. As a self-employed felt maker this fascinating craft is totally new to me – however, I would love to attempt some large-scale wall hangings! (always aim high – never play it safe!!!)

  46. Tara Kiley-Rothwell

    Would love to learn more about different fabrics that can be used in Sakiori.

  47. Margery Haber

    I have been waiting FOR-LIKE-EVER for a book on Sakiori. I love the idea of giving a new life to pre-loved fabrics, particularly silks and cottons, and creating garments that have interesting stories. There are so many ways to create sustainable and beautiful fashions and household items, using what is already on hand. Congratulations on your new book, Amanda–wishing you every success!

  48. Therisa Rogers

    I bought your book on Kindle but would sure like a paper copy as well! Can’t wait to get started with the first scarf!

  49. I’ve been awaiting this book with great anticipation and, in my excitement, I have tooted it’s horn in two FB weaving & saori groups that I am subscribed to. The book and its contents are colorful, innovative, informative, and well-researched. (I have the KINDLE Edition, because I was too impatient to await snailmail delivery). Thank you, Amanda Robinette!

  50. I’m looking forward to learning the history of sakiori and how I can weave it on a rigid heddle loom.

  51. Lilli Antonoff

    Congratulations and very happy to hear of your book release..I am a self taught western sakiori weaver and look forward to seeing the work of others and finding tips to improve my own work.

    Best wishes!

  52. I would weave everything possible, placemats, runners, pot holders, hot pads, mug rugs, regular rugs, and on and on …..

  53. I works love to weave placemats, table runners, pot holders, hot pads, mug rugs and countless other things !!!

  54. i’d love to weave some sakiori cloth for making a coat.

  55. I’m excited to learn about texture and color work, how they both interplay with patterning. It looks like a beautiful way to weave! Many thanks for the chance at a giveaway

  56. I am looking forward to seeing your book, and learning more about processing old clothing for sakiori. I know my own process but am always curious about, and ready to learn from, others.

    Hope the book us a great success for you!

  57. I had one workshop experience with sakiori years ago and loved it! I always wanted to learn more about it…history and uses….so I’m really looking forward to seeing and working through your book!

  58. I am anxious to weave a scarf as my first project!

  59. I would be very interested in weaving narrower strip to use as table runners.
    These would be useful when they coordinated with place settings for a meal service.

  60. ellen b santana

    i would love to make a jacket just for me. i have made a catalogne and some rugs but that fabric you are displaying is gorgeous. ellen santana

    • I would like to learn to make rag rugs in simple twill patterns such as rosepath. Congrats on your book/accomplishment!